Dated 8 April 2016
About This Website

This website is set up in order to publish a very recent discovery by the author that the well-known 
equation E= mc2 is invalid. The relativistic kinetic energy of m0c2(γ - 1) evaluates only to a pure number,
not a value of energy that has a real unit. Relativistic mechanics is, therefore, invalid. Still, relativistic
 mechanics is now integrated fully into modern physics, such as in electromagnetism, particle physics.
That physicists are now dealing with fictitious figures in energy is a serious matter.

这个网站是为了发布作者最近的一个发现而设立的。着名方程 E=mc2 无效。
相对论的动能 m0c2(γ - 1) 仅评估为纯数,而不是具有真实单位的能量值。 因此,相对论力学是无效的。

Last update : 4 March 2019

desc About The Author

Name: Chan Rasjid Kah Chew.
Country of Birth: Singapore.
Year Of Birth: 1949.
Highest Education: Dropped out of first year university, Engineering,
University of Singapore, 1970.
Career: No career history. Worked variously at odd jobs; factory operator.

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