Dated 8 April 2016

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About This Website

This website is set up in order to publish a very recent discovery by the author that the well-known equation E= mc2 is invalid. In Newtonian mechanics, force is defined using Newton's second law (actually, an axiom) as : force = d/dt(mv) which reduces to f = ma (mass x acceleration). Energy in mechanics is defined through the work-energy theorem where work/energy = Integral(force x distance). In SI units, force would be the unit newton (N) and energy joule (J).

Special relativity attempts to create a new mechanics, a relativistic mechanics, which redefines force as : f = d/dt(mv/√(1 - v2/c2)) instead of the simple f = ma which is used in defining the unit of force, the newton, in the SI system. It can easily be seen that there is no way that this new definition of relativistic force could be applied in any system of units to define a real unit of force. Insisting on this new definition of force renders it only as a mathematical expression which has no relation to physical reality - force in relativistic mechanics is only a pure number. As force is fictitious, energy in the Integral(force x distance) evaluates only to a pure number without any association with any real physical unit. As the equation E = mc2 is strictly derived using the work-energy theorem, it means that energy in E = mc2 is fictitious. But the supporters of relativistic mechanics ignore this and just blindly assume that force and energy in relativistic mechanics are still in newton and joule as in Newtonian mechanics - it could never be!

Despite the invalidity of relativistic mechanics based on E= mc2, the `new' mechanics somehow has become the foundation of our modern high energy physics which includes all of particle physics, the Standard Model, and our nuclear energy theory. This means that much of our modern exotic physics are invalid; they are fictitious and will never bring us any closer to the truth about the physical world and will never bring any real tangible benefits nor technology that would benefit human society.

设置该网站是为了发布作者最近的发现,即众所周知的等式 E= mc2 无效。狭义相对论将力定义为:d/dt(mv/√ (1 - v2/c2))。该定义没有定义任何实际的力单位; 它仅评估纯数,与任何单位系统中的任何实际计量单位无任何关联。 由于Emc2严格地基于相对论力导出,因此等式中的能量E也仅评估为纯数而不与任何实际能量单位相关联。 这意味着必须忽视质量能量等效的概念。

尽管基于 E= mc2 的相对论力学无效,但“新”力学已成为我们现代高能物理学的基础,包括所有粒子物理学,标准模型和核能理论。 这意味着我们现代奇异物理的大部分都是无效的;它们是虚构的,永远不会让我们更接近真实自然世界的真相,永远不会带来任何有益于人类社会的实际利益和技术。

Last update : 29 March 2022

About The Author

Name: Chan Rasjid Kah Chew.
Country of Birth: Singapore.
Year Of Birth: 1949.
Highest Education: Dropped out of first year university, Engineering,
University of Singapore, 1970.
Career: No career history. Worked variously at odd jobs; factory operator.

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