Quite recently, I made some rather fundamental discoveries in physics.

First is the discovery that the well-known equation E=mc² does not work. The formula for the related relativistic kinetic energy evaluates only to a pure fictitious number, not a figure with real units of energy. This has been confirmed in 2009 by Chinese physicists who are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They measured energy through direct calorimetry and their experiment conclusively repudiated the relativistic energy of special relativity. They concluded that the 7 TeV (10¹² electron volts) of energy purportedly acquired by protons in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of CERN have only real energy of about 650 MeV (10⁶ electron volts), off by a factor of 15000 – it is the same as what my new theoretical discovery concludes.

Second, the Lorentz magnetic force law F = q(vXB) is invalid. The force law had been experimentally repudiated since 1901. Without the experimenters realizing it, the purported verification of relativistic mass were actually experimental repudiation of the Lorentz magnetic force law.

Further, the so called experimental proof of special relativity verifying the relativistic energy and momentum relation are illusions. Their theoretical basis starts with assumptions of variable mass, relativistic momentum and a relativistic definition of force in Lorentzian reality. Their equipments, too. were all electronic sensors relying on electromagnetism that give figures that belong also to Lorentzian reality. It would be a miracle if such experimental setups could come up with data that fits the Newtonian kinetic energy of 1/2 mv² which belong to another world – that of Galilean reality.

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